Olly Camera

A monthly collection of photos used in the blog.

May/April 2015

In Full Spring

Spring Butterfly

Bosque Herreria

Forest El Escorial


Las Machotas

Bull El Escorial

Machota Alta Peak

Canyoning in the Mountains of Andalusia

Abseil Waterfall

Sierra Cazorla

Canyon Cazorla

Abseil canyon

Not so graceful


March 2015

Monte Abantos

Monte Abantos

Stork on top of church

Monte Abantos in Cloud


Snowy Trees Abantos



Vulture Canyon

Griffon Vulture


White Stork Maderuelo

Farmland Segovia

Mountains Segovia

Black Kite

Vulture in Flight

River Rianza

February 2015

Climbing Almanzor – Part 1




The Glacial Bowl of Gredos

Scree Slope Almanzor

Climbing Almanzor – Part 2


Almanzor Glacier Cloud


Mountain Goats Almanzor

Winter Sun

La Pedriza

El Yelmo - La Pedriza

Squirrel prints

January 2015

An Encounter

Snow Valley Peñalara

Spanish Ibex

Laguna Peñalara

Cloud over valley Peñalara

Panoramic shot Peñalara

Cabañeros – The Spanish Serengeti

Spanish Serengeti

Dragonfly on barbed wire fence - Cabañeros

Stag and Does Cabañeros

Black Vulture in the sky

Small bird sitting in long grass

Doe in tall grass Spain


Hike – u

footprint in snow - Cercedilla


Snowy Tree - Cercedilla

Snowy Path - Cercedilla

Frozen Pinecone

High Pass - Cercedilla

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